Translating America. Importing, Translating, Misrepresenting, Mythicizing, Communicating America. Proceedings of the 20th AISNA Biennial Conference Torino, September 24-26, 2009

20th AISNA Conference

Marina Camboni, Andrea Carosso, Sonia Di Loreto (eds)

This online publication collects many of the papers presented during the 20th Biennial International Conference of the Italian Association of North American Studies (AISNA), which was held at the University of Torino on September 24-26, 2009. Translating America, the title chosen for the Conference, aimed at soliciting contemporary scholarship on the complex entity commonly known as "America," and the ways it has been perceived, assimilated, translated, and even transformed, especially - but not exclusively - in Europe at different historical moments.

The resulting proceedings, which we present in this online publication, tackle issues ranging from the translation of American texts into Italian - including the technical aspects of translation - to the distortions of the "American Myth," and the often biased and vulgarized use of it; from the "translation" of the phenomena and processes of post-industrial society from the United States to Italy and Europe to the Italian and European importation and adaptation of the languages, formats, and models of US cinema.

The format of this publication mirrors closely those of the September 2009 conference. In the first part we present the three keynote speeches, which range form theoretical discussions of the notion of "Translating America," to more historical and culturalist perspectives on specific instances of "translation" of American culture to Europe and vice-versa. In the following sections we collect - according to the original order of workshops used during the Conference - those papers presented last September and later submitted for online publication.

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